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Palletising with Woodmax - Made-To-Measure Firewood

- Minimisation of work by mechanical transport of wood
- Drying time within 6 months in summer
- No special constructions are required for storage
- Precise quantity definition for every size of wood
- Low packaging costs and small space requirement.


The Woodmax System has been awarded innovation prizes for these and other advantages of efficient preparation of firewood.

2000 France
2004 Poland
Woodmax Base Plate

Woodmax Brackets are available in various sizes
(Link to Bracket Types)

Various Woodmax Handling und Transport Options guarantee seamless integration in the existing infrastructure of your business!
(Link to Shifting Options)

Binding with Woodmax Special Strapping Adjuster and Disposable Strapping allows readjustment of band tension of standing bundles.
(Link to Expendable Material)

There are many advantages of palletising short wood in a vertical position.
Optimal thermal ventilation due to the vertical position on the pallet and the shingle effect of the standing pieces of wood, ensure the best fuel quality with shortest drying time.
Stacks can be protected from storms by means of small covers Palletised firewood can be stored outdoors until it is required for burning.
Ready pieces of wood of any but similar length are bundled by means of disposable strapping ore retensioning belts. (MD1)

Shifting plate and loading bracket allow several bundles to be placed next to each other (max 3 x 50cm, 4 x 33cm, 5 x 25cm or max 1.5m length.) (MD1)

Various Woodmax Shifting and Transporting Options guarantee a seamless integration into the existing infrastructure of your business!
(Link to Shifting and Transporting Options)

The Woodmax accessory Sawing Option represents the most efficient method of preparing firewood.
Wood fresh from the forest is stacked on the Woodmax straight from the splitter. It is safely and quickly sawn into lengths of 33cm or 50cm inside the rotary cage.
The accessory sawing option is suitable for producing wood for furnaces. It is suitable for producing wood for open fires to a limited extent only.

Logs of 1 m length are bundled in the rotary cage using adjustable belts. (MD2)

1 or 2 power saw cuts (50cm or 33cm lengths of wood).
The bundle is rotated by means of the rotary cage to finish the cut.
(Link to Bracket Types)

Together with the lift frame, the base plate becomes a versatile pallet fork.

Wood Moisture Content Meter
(For those requiring precise information)
Hydromette Compact S
LCD indicator, measurement range: 10-50%, with mean value calibration, fitted with electrode tips.

We offer you the best solutions for preparing firewood!
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Offer your customers the most convenient solutions for their woodburning furnaces!

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