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Woodmax Strapping Adjuster

Tie up firewood using the Woodmax Special Strapping Adjuster - at an unbeatable price!

  Stückholz stehend palettieren mit Einwegband

In order to further reduce the cost of binding cut firewood arranged in a vertical position, Woodmax has adapted a customary packaging strapping tool appropriately.

This allows achievement of the required tension to start with, while also permitting retightening the disposable strapping in the course of the drying process.

  Bandspanner Woodmax spezial

Retensioning the disposable strapping band with the Woodmax Special Strapping Adjuster is quick and easy.

Another advantage of the Woodmax Special Strapping Adjuster is for bundling small bundles of wood required for the retail trade in firewood and wood suitable for open fires.

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