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Woodmax Systeme

Woodmax presents:

Ihr Partner für Brennholz
Holzlager für Cheminéeholz
Innovative Palletising and Bundling Systems for Firewood
Wood as Fuel - Eco-logical! Woodmax makes ecological sense !!!
An important factor for an economically sensible utilisation of wood as a fuel, is its efficient preparation and delivery. The faster drying time of the cut wood facilitated by Woodmax results in economic and ecological advantages. The short drying time increases fuel quality, reduces capital commitment and reduces storage costs.

Bündelgerät WoodPack

Stacked Cubic Metre (Stere) Bundles

Bundle 1 m lengths of cut wood, short wood or longer branches of wood with WoodPack.

- Using UV-resistant baler twine.

- Tractor independent.

Unmatched in price and performance!

Link to WoodPack

Large quantities of cut wood

Efficient firewood preparation using Woodmax.
Cut pieces of wood are palletised in a vertical position, dried in one season (less than 8 months), stored cost-effectively (no special constructions needed, small space requirement), delivered on pallet or as bundles.



Medium Quantities of Firewood

Efficient preparation of firewood, taking advantage of palletising in a vertical position and delivering bundles using the same equipment.
WoodCat is a bundling trough, stacker, handcart and transport cart all in one. Suitable not only for wood!

Link to WoodCat

small woodbundles

Small Quantities of Firewood


Convenient compact bundles by means of the Mini Portioner.
Makes home delivery and sale on location much easier. No wrapping or return of packaging required!

Link to Mini Portioner

Strapping Adjuster

Strapping Adjuster and Disposable Strapping


Round bundles of any size can be bound quickly, easily and very securely using the Woodmax Special Strapping Adjuster and Disposable Strapping. (Retensioning is possible)


For more information, please refer to Mini Portioner and Special Strapping Adjuster

Wood Moisture Meter


Hydromette Compact S
LCD indicator, measurement range: 10-50%, with mean value calibration, fitted with electrode tips.


Link to Hydromette Compact S

We offer you the best solutions for preparing firewood!
Brennholz geschüttet
Brennholz palettiert
Brennholz gebündelt

Offer your customers the most convenient solutions for their woodburning furnaces!

Innovative partners are always a step ahead !!!
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